Get more out of your documents.

About Us


We are a user-focused technology company providing a range of software products and supporting services to assist professionals involved in managing documentation and the wide range of related risks and data needs.

Our technology makes it easy to extract, analyse and enhance information from documents -- even where requirements are complex and frequently change.

Our design aim is to keep our platform in the technology sweet spot:

  • Text Tagging

    Tag provisions or other text automatically based on defined rules or adaptive fuzzy heuristics

  • Data Extraction

    Extract and provide context to data from documents using dynamic, teachable algorithms

  • Reporting

    Create spreadsheet reports and charts with easy-to-use tools showing real-time results

  • Advanced Analytics

    Analyse text and data directly within the user interface or using our simple but powerful REST API


Document Store

Comprehensive platform for document analysis

NAV Monitor

Shining a light on performance-driven triggers

Terms Checker

The next best thing for trades outside STP


David Vincent
John Berry