October 29, 2015

Terms Checker

Terms Checker brings efficiency, precision and transparency to the process of reviewing a document against another document and/or source of data, beyond the capabilities of traditional blacklining software.

Derivatives trade confirmations

Applied to derivatives trade confirmations that remain outside the scope of straight-through processing (STP), Terms Checker is the next best thing. In an area where checking documents pre-execution is a particularly high stakes game, where a single mistake could result in a significant financial loss and cost people their jobs, Terms Checker is an invaluable tool.

Not only does Terms Checker help you avoid those costly mistakes; it also saves you time and money by increasing operational efficiency and opens up new possibilities in operations management.

Simply upload a draft confirmation and, with a couple of clicks:

  • Validate commercial terms against data from your trade booking system.
  • See how closely legal and other provisions match up against accepted templates or precedents.

Terms Checker presents a clear, structured overview of the results and makes it easy to communicate any issues to your counterparty. A full audit trail is retained, and you can view a wealth of information about your confirmations and review process.

Wider uses

Terms Checker can be used in any situation where a systematic, semi-automated approach to document review is valuable for efficiency and/or risk management reasons.

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