October 29, 2015

Document Store

Flexible document and data management

In what is an ever more dynamic and fast moving legal, regulatory and commercial environment, it is ever more important to be able to access, analyse and report on information in portfolios of documents both quickly and efficiently.

But different firms and different industries have different needs, and those needs change all the time. That’s why our document and data management platform, Document Store, is built from the ground up to be flexible and able to take change in its stride.

A comprehensive and scalable solution whether your needs are tactical (e.g., regulatory reporting; due diligence) or strategic, the features of Document Store include:

Document management

  • Upload, organisation and secure storage of documents.
  • Conversion of text-based documents to a unified XML format for advanced tagging, text searching and data attachment.

Provision tagging and data capture

  • Automated tagging of document provisions based on rules and/or fuzzy logic algorithms.
  • Definition and maintenance of data structures for use in attachment of data to uploaded documents.
  • Attachment of data to uploaded documents using a range of advanced automated methods and/or manually using the efficient integrated manual interface.
  • Advanced capabilities for tracking data from complex, changing documentation.
  • Uniquely prepared for ongoing data enhancement and “retreading”.

Analytics and reporting

  • Real-time search and analysis of data attached to uploaded documents.
  • Uniquely easy-to-use, dynamic reporting capabilities.
  • Export of data into a format compatible with Microsoft Excel or other external format, including for purposes of feeding document data directly into other systems.

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